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There are three main places of interest around the lake house: Broaddus (5 mins.), Jackson Hill Marina (5 mins.), and Zavalla (15 mins.). Broaddus and Zavalla both offer restaurants, convenience stores, hardware stores, and churches for your pleasure. Be aware though that Broaddus is a dry town and Zavalla is the closest place to buy alcohol of any kind. Our suggestion is to bring it with you before you get to the lake house. Jackson Hill Marina, run by Terry and Connie Sympson, is just down the road and offers a four-way boat ramp and great food. Terry makes some of the best biscuits and gravy for breakfast and his smoked beef sandwiches (he uses the whole shoulder, not just the brisket) for lunch definitely hit the spot. For dinner you can call ahead (by 3pm) and reserve a spot for a special dinner table where Terry cooks from a variety of cuisines. You can get your Texas fishing and hunting licenses here.


Broaddus is a small charming town with a population of 189. While it may be small, Broaddus has friendly folks and just what you need to get by when vacationing on Lake Sam Rayburn. You will find two good restaurants in the Dairy Mart and the Catfish Junction. If you need supplies try either the B&B convenience store or Mott's (sign is missing the 'M') hardware store. There are plenty of churches to suit your religious needs. Please be aware that Broaddus is a dry district and you cannot buy alcohol of any kind.


Zavalla is a town of 714 people with a bit of a wild side, they sell alcohol! There are many restaurants, convenience stores, a hardware store, a Dollar General, a bait and tackle store, and several churches. We haven't tried many of the restaurants due to the farther location from the lake house but if you do let us know what you think. We definitely recommend going to the little hardware store if you need something typically found at Home Depot or Lowe's. The owner is a sweet older lady who may offer you some home grown tomatoes or cucumbers!